Monday, February 3, 2014

Family Day 2014


Family Day 2014 for Family Abd Rahman went well Alhamdulillah. From 31st January 2014 till 2nd February 2014. This year, our 3 day 2 nights family event took place at Lata Ulu Kenas, Kuala Kangsar Perak. Yerp...Sungai lagiii ( sigh) . It seems like sungai is the best place for family outings and camping especially for children. Maybe less supervision is needed because the water is not deep and there are many other rakyat jelata bathing as well. Okey. Semak. hehe.

This year, our family day was planned, and organized by Alia, Shida, and a few of us ( who helped a bit here and there along the way ). Our aunts One Chik and Aunty Ina resigned from organizing this year. So, my husband and I was assigned to buy and wrap presents/hamper with a given budget. It was fun.

Lata Ulu Kenas offers campers very clean camping sites which can accomodate up to 20 tents. For those who aren't so adventurous, there are chalets provided as well. Some are air-conditioned, some aren't. So, first come first serve eh?


One tent space is charged RM 5.00 per night. Cheaper than the chalets which costs around RM 40 to RM 20. This Perhutanan Lipur Ulu Kenas is well taken care of. There is also a very spacious Surau and toilets provided. 


From day one, many activities were held like Tuju Selipar, Pecah telur ( the lucky one to get the boiled egg wins! ), Baling belon air berpasangan ( hubby and me won :D ), Karaoke Contest, Charade, jungle trekking, aerobic and many more. This helps to kill time and avoid us to laze about. There is a grand stand provided for all the activities to be held. Pak Ngah Nan's crood joined our family day this year around. Pak Ngah Nan is Abah's cousin. He brought his wife, kids, brother, sister in law, niece and nephews. Finally get to see some new faces but still unable to remember their names. heheh. We all very shy shy. Takes time I guess. Maybe next family day..we will try to bond better. 

The Ulu Kenas river has some parts shallow, and other parts deep and dangerous. Still need to lookout for your kids and know where they are going to bathe at. There is also a football field far back for boys who just cant live without football even in the forest. gees. We cater food for our 3 day 2 night stay and ate at a provided space with wooden bench and table. There is also a kitchen with three sinks where we can cook maggi or boil water. No gas stove provided, need to bring them along with spoons, frying pan etc. They just provide the space to cook. That's all. The last night, we made BBQ. It was nyummy ! 

The Grand stand
Dining area

Our family day was an important annual event which brought us all closer. I hope next year we can go for a family trip on star cruise. haha. Is that even possible? Hoping hard it will came true.


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